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Electric Curtains

When choosing a curtain track, it's important to consider the type of curtain that will be used. Certain tracks are specifically designed for heavy curtains or drapes, while others are better suited for lightweight fabrics. There are also Wave curtains and pleated each giving quite a different effect.

Apart from the type of curtain track, the installation process and specific requirements of the user should also be taken into account. Some systems need a professional installation like building management system applications for example. However, in general the homeowner can install most of our systems, if you can put up a shelf you can install a curtain track, the visual instructions provided make it quite easy to fit. But if you prefer, a general handy person would be more than capable, either way we are here to help if there are any questions. In general, electric and battery-powered curtain tracks can be an excellent solution for people who want to manage heat, lighting or electronic security. Some of our systems can be controlled from anywhere in the world and set to operate with Sunrise and Sunset or timer control, simulating occupancy of the property. By selecting the right type of track, you can easily open and close your curtains from the comfort of a chair, smartphone or building management system.

Elevate Your Home with Smart Electric Curtain Tracks:

Transform your ordinary curtains into smart curtains effortlessly with our battery and electric curtain tracks! Control your curtains from anywhere using your smartphone, a remote control, or automate them to open and close with smart home applications or remote control. Simply conceal the motor discreetly behind the curtain.

Choose Your Configuration:

  • Left Curtain with Motor
  • Right Curtain with Motor
  • Wave Curtain Style
  • Wall or Ceiling Fitting

Enhance Your Smart Home Experience: Integrate your curtains seamlessly into your smart home ecosystem by adding one our WiFi curtain tracks . The control technology is built directly into the curtain motor so there is no cost or need for additional hubs. You can gain access to voice control with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, or manage them directly through the App. Set automated schedules based on timers, temperature, or light levels for added convenience and energy efficiency. Easy Installation & Use: Our smart curtain tracks feature a motor designed for easy installation and use.

Enjoy Numerous Benefits:

  • Wireless option and silent motor operation
  • Discreetly concealed behind the curtain for a streamlined look
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa
  • Automated control based on preset conditions
  • Enhanced comfort, safety, and durability for your home

Specifications & General Product Information:

  • System Color: White
  • Power Supply: Mains or Rechargeable Battery
  • Suitable for: Pleated and Wave Curtains
  • Noise Level: Minimal noise during operation

Measuring Made Simple:

Follow our measuring guide for accurate measurements tailored to your Smart curtains. Need personalised advice? Call and chat with our experts for a free consultation for assistance. Effortless Mounting: Installing your Smart curtains is so easy with our comprehensive installation manual. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to convenience! Elevate your living space with the convenience and sophistication of electric curtain tracks. Experience the future of home automation today.

Battery Roller Blind Kits

We also supply Roller Blind Kits, Battery operated, the Eaziroll Cordless kit allows you to automate your existing or shop purchased blind at a fraction of the cost.

Our motorised roller assemblies consist of a roller tube, 38mm in dia, cut to size, a rechargeable motor, brackets, and adaptors. All you need is the fabric to make a remote-controlled roller blind that requires no wiring or an electrician. The system is rechargeable using a lithium Ion system. If you add the USB Gateway from the accessories menu the blind/s can be added to your smartphone and Alexa or Google to add the voice activation feature and to control the blind if you are away from home.

The USB Gateway introduces more features to the system, for example Sunrise and Sunset, Timer control, scene creation and temperature control

If you are uncertain about the ordering or installation process, we are here to help. From product selection through to installation we offer peace of mind with a team who will assist you every step of the way.

All our systems are delivered free of charge and at the end of this experience you will be able to relax in the comfort of your chair and remotely operate your curtains.

Electric Blinds and Curtains: About Us

Electric Blinds and Curtains Ltd are a UK based company with over 30 years’ combined experience in motorisation and the internal sun protection market. We offer motorised solutions for all homes and enable customers to Automate their curtains using the latest in smartphone and remote control technology.

We supply made to measure Electric curtain tracks and curtain poles to the DIY market and its as simple as measuring your window, selecting which system suits your situation and placing your order.