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Electric Roman Blinds | Headrails 50mmsq

Electric roman blinds
Electric roman headrail

Features at a glance 

    •    • Smartphone, remote control and 4 wire control(AV)
    •    • Compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant
         • Blind position feedback via App version
         • Intermediate position option
         • Quiet motion
         • Comes complete with 1m of cable
         • 3-year warranty

     What is supplied in the kit? 

    • Headrail width 600mm - 3000mm
    • Remote control
    • Motor comes complete with  1m
    • Ceiling and wall fixing mounting brackets


    Motorised Roman Blind Headrails 

    Roman blinds are often made with high-quality fabrics and lined on the back to reduce light penetration, this can make them a heavy window dressing, which is why a growing number of people are considering automating the headrails. A solution of this type offers an easier way to operate the blinds and avoids damaging or marking the fabric.   Our range of Roman headrails include motorised options suitable for most applications, with high-quality components that ensure durability in the years to come. The bespoke integration options also ensure that each system fits specifically to your requirements.

    The control options have come on a long way since the introduction of motorised blinds.  There is the standard remote control system, which is still very popular, smart home control systems which can be costly but also very efficient, and in recent times Alexa / Google voice control systems which are growing in popularity.  The Alexa / Google systems are not just voice-controlled, they can also be remote controlled, have timer settings and sunrise / Sunset mode.  They also come with an App that allows you to control the blinds from anywhere in the world giving visual feedback so you can see the status of your blinds being open or closed. 

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Each transmitter comes fully fitted with a holster

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