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Battery Operated Roller Blinds

Battery roller blind motor and assembly

Features at a glance

  • Allows you to automate your existing or newly shop-bought blinds
  • Comes complete with charging cable (STD USB - USB C)
  • Fast 35rpm DC motor, inbuilt radio receiver for radio remote control
  • Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Easy settable Open and Close position with 2 intermediate positions
  • Super quiet smooth operation with up to 3 months between charging
  • Simple DIY installation, no electrician required
  • Child safe, no more dangling cords


Battery powered Roller Blind Video link


What is supplied in the kit?

  • 38mm blind pole @ 2m long for DIY cutting or we can custom cut to your size 
  • Rechargeable 7.4V battery motor with inbuilt Li-ion battery
  • Charging cable (STD USB - USB C)
  • Blind fixing tape (Blind fabric to tube)
  • Mounting brackets and covers
  • Non motor end idler
  • Cutting guide and full instructions

Battery Powered Roller Blind Assemblies

Roller blinds come in lots of colours and designs and are readily available from most DIY stores. The Eaziroll Cordless kit allows you to automate your existing or shop purchased blind at a fraction of the cost. The rechargeable system utilises the latest in quiet DC motor technology with inbuilt 7.4V Li-ion battery. Charging is via micro USB cable which simply connects to a standard USB charger or outlet.

Remote Controlled Blinds

Operated by remote control, either as a hand-held device or wall mounted switch, the system offers that extra bit of luxury that is becoming ever more prevalent with modern day living. Compatible with the easy-to-use timer control option, the blinds can be set to open and close automatically while you are at home, work or play. The timer function also acts as a security feature by simulating occupancy of the property whilst you are away.

Careful consideration has been given to each aspect of making this a simple to use and easy to install system for the home. Installation is as simple as fitting a regular roller blind from any DIY shop. Once fitted in place setup couldn’t be easier as the motor end stops (open and close positions) are set via the radio remote control. Two special positions, personal to you, can also be set for partial shade.

The kit comes complete with all the hardware to fix your blind onto the tube supplied. The tube can be simply cut to size or alternatively we will cut the tube to size making installation even easier.

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